How-To: Touch Up Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps!

Touching up your makeup can either make or break the gorgeous look you (or your makeup artist) spent so long creating. It's also crucial for a longer-lasting finish, whether you're a bride, a student who can't seem to escape the library, or a fellow entrepreneur grinding well after 5 o'clock. 

I'd also love to curate a helpful section of resources for clients like this one on the blog, so be sure to let me know of any other topics you'd like covered! Next, I think I'll write about taking your day look into after hours. Now onto the how-to..

Step 1: Blot
A common complaint from clients I've heard over & over is that touching up leads to a cakey appearance. More likely than not this is because they aren't blotting before re-powdering & so their natural oils are messing with what they're re-applying. My golden rule for touching up is therefore to always, always, always blot first! I actually use perm papers from Sally's (which you can see below) because you can buy a thousand for a few dollars. Starbucks napkins & toilet seat covers also work in a pinch, without removing what's already on your face.. & of course you can always buy traditional blotting papers, though I've never noticed enough of a difference to justify the price (especially since I'm oily & go through blotting papers like it's my day job)!

How-To: Touch Up Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps! - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist (Stila Cosmetics Concealer, Stellar Beauty Translucent Powder in Haze, Mini Beauty Blender, Sally Beauty Blotting Papers)

Step 2: Sponge/Makeup Brush
Next, I like to take a clean makeup sponge (I re-use disposable wedge sponges for on the go) & gently press any areas where creasing or seperating has occurred. You can also use a fluffy eyeshadow brush for this step, but be sure to gently buff only the areas which need it, or you can cause more separation.

Optional: Re-apply concealer to blemishes or dark circles if needed. I prefer the warmth of your (clean) fingers for a seamless blend if you're using a cream or liquid concealer. My favourite concealer for touching up happens to be Bare Mineral's Multi-Tasking Powder in Well Rested because I tend to be oilier & its coverage can't be beat.

How-To: Touch Up Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps! - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist (Mini Beauty Blender)

Step 3: Translucent Powder
Apply translucent powder (like RMS Beauty's "Un" Powder) or a powder-based SPF, just to the areas where its needed. Even though my skin is on the oily side, I stick to powdering just the t-zone with a fluffy eyeshadow brush because I love a good glow! & a side note, touching up with powder foundation can lead to a cakey appearance almost immediately, so if your coverage wears off throughout the day apply concealer instead (from Step 2)!

How-To: Touch Up Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps! - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist (Stellar Beauty Translucent Powder in Haze)

& you're done! I'd love to know how you touch up throughout the day!? This simple routine honestly took me ages to nail down & is a total game changer, silly as that sounds, but I always love reading about other touching up routines! Until next time..



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