How-To: Prepare for a Bridal Trial

So it's no secret that I've taken a few weeks (okay months) away from blogging, but 2018 is the year for refresh. Refreshing my business, my mind, my body & of course my blog! I want everything I share in 2018 to be genuinely helpful. So while I will be posting less, my mindset is all about quality over quantity.. & what better way to start the year's content off than with a few dos & don'ts for your bridal trial prep! After reading this, you'll go into your bridal trial with zero stress & knowing exactly what to expect.

How-To Prepare for a Bridal Trial #1 - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist

1) Find inspiration & be open to suggestions.
Pinterest is of course my go-to! If you're feeling overwhelmed, I have two boards you can start with: Bridal Makeup & Soft, Glowy & Glam.
While inspiration is always recommended, also be open to tweaks! I will always suit everything to my client's features & suggest alternatives if necessary because makeup is never one-size fits all.

2) Wear white.
You'll have a better idea of how your makeup will look on your big day, especially because white has the potential to wash you out!

3) Photograph your look.
I always take photographs of my clients at the end of their trials for two reasons: 1) to show them how it photographs & 2) to remember their look for the day of! Photographs can also bring out imperfections that otherwise aren't seen by the naked eye. 
If your makeup artist doesn't take a photograph during your trial, have a friend or family member do so when you get home! Selfies are also (always) recommended.

4) Wear your makeup all day long.
This way, you'll be able to see how the makeup wears & will also be able to practice touching up (which I also write about here)!

5) Groom your brows, but not too soon!
Take care of any unwanted facial hair, but don't do this the day before your trial! Makeup won't stick & also has the potential to cause irritation if you have broken skin.

How-To Prepare for a Bridal Trial #2 - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist

1) Be afraid to voice your opinion!
If there's something you dislike, please say so! A professional makeup artist will not be offended. Believe me when I say that we more than appreciate you speaking up. The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy with your look on your wedding day, but we also cannot read minds. Besides, this is what the trial is for! 

2) Leave your trial too late.
Panic & scheduling nightmares are sure to ensue if you do.

3) Forget to look at your makeup in different light.
Always look at your makeup in light similar to that of your ceremony & reception, whether that be natural or artificial. Also rest assured, the professional lights that your artist use to apply your makeup are as true to daylight as possible.

4) Have unrealistic expectations!
Know that your makeup will be applied heavier than usual (for photography purposes), but should also look beautiful in real life.
Also be aware that while inspiration is gorgeous & acts as a great starting point, most photos online will be photoshopped & edited to the nines. Real skin has pores & if you have texture, it will be visible! Which brings me to the next point..

5) Neglect your skin.
Texture & dehydration cannot be masked with makeup & there is only so much that skin prep on the day of is capable of! If your skin is in its best shape, it will also require less coverage, which is always a plus.
The good news? Professional makeup artists know skin & will able to give you advice about proper skincare at your trial. For anything serious, we'll refer you to a dermatologist!