Wedding Beauty Prep Timeline

I always feel like prepping before the wedding is the best part.. & while I know nothing about choosing table runners or cake flavours, I know beauty. Of course, this is only a suggested timeline though. You can always skip out on or add steps in wherever you please! 

Wedding Beauty Prep Timeline - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist

Six Months Before
Dermatologist: Be sure to schedule this appointment well in advance (& possibly even earlier than six months depending on your location!) if you have any skin issues you'd like taken care of before your big day. This will ensure you have enough time for treatments if required & also the chance to perfect & tweak your skincare routine over the following months.

A fail-safe routine that I can confidently recommend for all skin types is Ole Henriksen's 3 Little Wonders. Included is the Truth Serum (which is brightening, hydrating & anti-aging), the Sheer Transformation Moisturizer (which I also stock in my kit) & the Invigorating Night Gel (which is anti-aging, unclogs pores & lightens pigmentation). Those guys in addition to a gentle cleanser, a weekly peel & monthly facial (at-home works too) will do wonders for your face, believe me!

Brow Grooming: If you haven't already, now is the time to find someone you trust with your brows, whether that be yourself or a pro. Nail down your shape & refrain from over doing it!

Am Up Your Gym Routine & Nutrition: Consider hiring a personal trainer &/or nutritionist at this time to target any stubborn zones, or join an extra class every week with one of your girlfriends to keep you motivated. This step may seem like overkill but it will skyrocket your mood & confidence levels, I promise! 

Schedule Hair & Makeup Trial: Don't delay in this step & do so sooner if you can! As a makeup artist I'm often booked over a year in advance & I know hairstylists are too. Besides, we're the ones in charge of making you look like your most gorgeous self, both on the day & in photos for years to come! It will give you peace of mind having your trials taken care of well in advance before the stress kicks in pre-wedding day.

Perfect Your Hair Colour & Cut: Again, if you haven't already, find a hairstylist you can trust & nail down your goal wedding day colour & cut. Now's also a good time to incorporate a weekly deep conditioning mask into your routine.

Wedding Beauty Prep Timeline - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist (Balenciaga Fragrance)

Three Months Before
Book a Facial: Now is the time to have a facial, with or without a light peel. This will give you enough time to see how your skin reacts & will amp up your wedding day glow if you schedule a few more in the next coming months.

Choose Your Fragrance: A highly underrated step in my opinion & such a fun one! This is the scent you can save for anniversaries, which will make it that much more special to you & your husband or wife. Try a few & always take home samples before deciding.

Two Months Before
Book a Spray Tan: It's best to do this well in advance, especially if you haven't had one done before. This way you'll know exactly how it fades & if you love the look of it (or don't). Better yet, save this for a weekend when you can make the most of it at the beach or for a girls' night.

One Month Before
Whiten Your Teeth: Either book your appointment at the dentist or invest in a home kit, whichever you're most comfortable with. Your teeth will likely be sensitive after this so a month beforehand is plenty of time for them to recoup. 

Wedding Beauty Prep Timeline - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist

Two Weeks Before
Hair Touch-Up: Don't try anything new at this appointment, but you'll likely want to freshen up your highlights or colour & have a slight trim done.

Facial: Book your final facial. Skip the peel & go for a hydrating, glow-inducing one instead!

Week Of
Cut Out Inflammatory Foods (Gluten, Dairy, Alcohol, Salt & Sugar to name a few!): These not only wreck havoc on your body, but your skin too! Trust me, it will be worth it.

Prepare Your Day Of Beauty Kit: At the very minimum, I suggest breath mints, blotting papers, your lip colour & powder. Ask your makeup artist if she sells touch-up products well in advance to save you the trouble (I do, here). For anything extra, Pinch Provisions make the absolute best little kits, which also make great add-ons to bridesmaids' gifts!

Three Days Before
Brows: Have your final touch up done & then hands off!

Wax: Facial hair, bikini, underarms, etc. Makeup will not adhere well if you wax the day before your wedding, so don't forget this appointment! You'll also be set for your honeymoon.

Body Scrub: Book one of these in at the spa with your wax appointment or make a DIY scrub at home. You'll feel extra pampered & your entire body will be glowing!

Mani/Pedi: It's safe to say you should just plan to spend the afternoon at the spa on this day. Go for gels & you'll be chip free throughout your honeymoon as well. 

Wedding Beauty Prep Timeline - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist (James Read Fake Tan)

Two Days Before
Spray Tan: You know the drill now that you've been spray tanned before. Alternatively, you can fake tan at home instead, but like a spray tan, be sure you've tried this well in advance to avoid mishaps.

Day Before
Massage: You'll most likely be stressed to the nines, so what better time to book in a full-body massage!

Exfoliate: You can never go wrong with a gentle facial scrub & a hydrating mask to perk up your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water: Self explanatory!

Day Of
Don't skip breakfast, wear a robe or button-up to avoid ruining your hair & makeup.. & most importantly, go enjoy your day!


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