8 Beauty Resolutions for 2018

If you know me, you know that New Year's tops my favourite holiday list (tied with Halloween of course)! I love the feeling of a fresh start & the time for making new goals, while reflecting on old ones. That being said, I generally stay away from "resolutions," as I find they haven't stuck with me in the past. So think of these resolutions down below more as goals & refreshing ideas instead! 

8 Beauty Resolutions for 2018 (Perricone MD Blue Plasma) - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist

1) Gradually replace your collection with cruelty-free items.
Simple as that! For each item in your collection you use up (yes, including back ups!), replace it with a cruelty-free alternative. This is a much less daunting way to go cruelty-free, rather than overhauling your entire beauty collection.

2) Say no to sleeping in your makeup.
Okay, I'll admit, even I slip up on this one! But, this coming year I'm placing makeup wipes & micellar water on my bedside stand so that I have no excuse. While these steps don't replace cleansing entirely, they definitely beat going to sleep with my foundation on.

3) Give your hair a break from hot tools.
This idea actually saves you time too! Try sleeping in a bun or braids for a tousled boho look in the morning, sans damage.

4) Stop skimping on sunscreen!
If you make only one beauty resolution in 2018, make it this one.. & don't forget your hands while you're at it! In terms of reapplying throughout the day, I favour powdered sunscreen (use this after blotting for a cake-free finish).

8 Beauty Resolutions for 2018 (Sonia Roselli Water Balm) - Artistry by Jacquie, Ottawa Makeup Artist

5) Finally nail down a skincare routine that works for you.
.. Whether that means a trip to an aesthetician or dermatologist, or just the discipline to follow through with a solid routine. I love Caroline Hirons' straight forward advice on the matter & she even has cheat sheets for different areas of concern on her blog!

6) Try a bold new lip colour.
Think reds, oranges, bright pinks! Find a colour that suits you & make it your signature. Adding a pop of colour to your lips is also the easiest way to fake a pulled together look & brighten your entire face in the process!

7) Find your perfect foundation match & formula.
An easy way to do this is to invest in the help of a makeup artist. They'll not only go over your skin type, lifestyle & diet, but will find a shade that looks great in all lighting. Be as descriptive as possible in what you're looking for in a foundation, but don't forget to have realistic expectations as well. The perfect foundation should even out your canvas, not mask it. For dark circles or blemishes, stick to concealer.

8) Exfoliate!
Head to toe, on a regular basis. Your skin will thank you, trust me! For face, I love chemical exfoliants & for body, I prefer a scrub with a gritty texture that leaves me hydrated.

Remember, if you're feeling overwhelmed, just pick one or two to implement this coming year.. & I'd love to hear some of the beauty resolutions you're setting this 2018. Happy New Year's everyone!